Rename files in cascade in Windows 10

Today, I had to rename a lot of files in cascade. Instead of having to do this manually, I had made some search to automate this in minimal. The result is the following PowerShell command : So to replace all dots by spaces, the command is : Don’t forget the \ character to escape the… Read More »

CDI : invoke a CDI bean inside a standard java class

These last day, i had to rewrite a project to use CDI. The timing was short so i was not able to rewrite all the architecture to make all classes injectable via CDI. The following solution lets you invoke a CDI Bean inside a standard java class that is not managed by the CDI container… Read More »

Selenium : How to handle file download in Firefox.

If you use Selenium to test your applications with Firefox, You already have been into the case where a test trigger a file download (pdf, excel, png). This don’t block your test but windows can quickly accumulate if your application uses lots of download. Here is the solution. To resolve this problem you need to… Read More »

Tutorial Ember ( Version 1.13 ) – Part 5

In the part 4 of this tutorial about the creation of a blog with Ember, we have started by build the blog administration. Today, we will see how to create a Ember component and when to use it. Component : Ember has recently change his model from a Template-View-Controller-Action paradigm to a Template-Component-Action paradigm. In… Read More »

Tutorial Ember ( Version 1.13 ) – Part 4

We are made to the fourth part of this tutorial dedicated to creating a blog with Ember. We will see the creation of templates, components, and how to connect all models via the routes specified in the previous chapter. Quite a program. Let’s go! Let us go back to our famous Routes. In the previous… Read More »

Ember-cli 1.13.12 released !

Ember-cli 1.13.12 is released. The changeling is as follow : 1.13.12 The following changes are required if you are upgrading from the previous version: Users changes to tests/index.html file. All tests are now in a separate file, diff. default Ember.js version is now at 1.13.10 default Ember Data version is now at 1.13.15 Upgrade your project’s ember-cli version – docs ember… Read More »

How to generate Random number in Java

If you want to generate random number in Java don’t use : It was proved that this class does not generate really random number. The solution is to use the ThreadLocalRandom class. This is an example :   You can also use it to querying for  a number in an interval like this :  … Read More »

Modernizr 3 released !

Modernizr, the awesome Javascript library that lets you detect support for Javascript functions or CSS and to propose a polyfill or a graceful degradation has just released in version 3. The Modernizr’s team has completely rewrote the library and added about hundred detections. You can find the full list here. See you soon.

Optimize your JavaScript code with ()

When you want to test the time taken by a function to run in JavaScript, you have the perfect tool for this: (). Unlike function calculated in relation to the system time, is incremented in a constant manner. Let’s take an example : These two functions perform the same treatment, incrementing a… Read More »

Tutorial Ember ( Version 1.13 ) – Part 3

Welcome into this third part of this tutorial devoted to the creation of a blog with Ember.js. In this part we will see how to set up our routing system. With Ember, controllers are reduced to their simplest expression. These are only used to manage the state of your template’s elements. All the mechanical happen… Read More »