Configure the network on Archlinux

By | January 25, 2015

Hello. Today I’ll just write a little reminder post  so you can quickly find the command to retrieve network access with Archlinux. At home Archlinux is installed on a virtual machine. I recently made some changes on the host computer. This led to a change in the name of the host network interface. So my little Archlinux is completely headed. Here is the command to get network access easily.

<code class="bash functions">sudo</code> <code class="bash plain">dhcpcd</code> 

This command allows you to retrieve the network for the current session. It also allows you to see the name of the network interface used by Archlinux.

To configure network access permanently, run the following command:

<code class="bash functions">sudo</code> <code class="bash plain">systemctl </code><code class="bash functions">enable</code> <code class="bash plain">dhcpcd@interface_name

Stay tuned for a future article.


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