Ember 2.0 is available!

By | August 13, 2015

Today Ember.js team just make available the final version 2.0 of Ember, the JavaScript framework to quickly achieving rich applications following the MV* pattern  (Model-View-Anything). This version is the result of 5 beta, a huge overhaul and the addition of numerous feature. Among the latter we can mention:

  1. Synchronization between versions of Ember, Ember and Ember-data-cli
  2. The substitution of views in favor of Component.
  3. The finalization of JSONApi and the availability of a new adapter in Ember-data
  4. The transition from Handlebar template engine  to HTMLbar to significantly improving performance and purifying the html code generated.
  5. The fusion of ArrayController controllers and ObjectController in the Controller class

If you wish you can see my new tutorial on creating a blog with Ember that will updated soon to reflect the changes between version 1.13 and 2.0


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