Test Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

By | August 12, 2015

Hi, This day i will test the  Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800. This keyboard is the first Wireless with backlight in the world. Price is very high ( 80?). i will compare it to my old Logitech diNovo for notebook. A keyboard I really loved.

So the K800 is a keyboard with backlight and wireless. Backlight function it’s really great. You can choose on the fly between four level of intensity. Much better it have the capability to switch on light only when your hands come on top of it or when you start typing. This is nice when are it’s night and this preserves battery. it’s this function that permits to keyboard to be wireless. The diNovo had no backlight. The Logitech K800 come in a simple box with the green color of Logitech.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 boxBundle Logitech K800

The bundle is minimalist. The keyboard, the dongle, a recharge cable and a dongle extension cable. Nothing special to get it work. I just had to connect the dongle and switch on the keyboard and I was able to start using it. I already have the drivers installed with my previous keyboard. Drivers are fully functional on Windows 10.

K800 backlight offK800 backlight on







Has you can see, my hand switch on the backlight. In term of confort. The Illuminated Wireless K800 have the same layout of diNovo. So i can immediately tape at full speed. The difference is for the keys. The K800’s keys have an amortized slightly less than the diNovo. This leads to a faster typing and a slightly increased noise. Curiously the space key is less noisy than the equivalent of diNovo. In global, i prefer the diNovo typing, but i can do the work with the K800.


Design of the K800 is more common than the diNovo. It’s like a diNovo with all parts rounded. Wrist Rest is shorter but has a nice touch. In conclusion i like this keyboard though I prefer my the diNovo. I have no choice to change because my diNovo is died past few day.


See you soon.


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